Jenna Ortega imagines - Revenge- Tara Carpenter (2024)


Word count: 1286

"I knew it was you." You hissed, staring into the girl's cold eyes."



"Hey y/n!" Mindy smiled, running up to your lunch table and sitting between you and Amber. You would never admit it, but you were glad she did, Amber just gave you a really weird feeling. "Whatcha eating?" She asked, pointing to your tray.

"Whatever plastic bullsh*t the school cooked up this time." You responded, taking a small bite out of the mashed potatoes on your plate. Amber laughed loudly at this, everyone at the table just looking at her weirdly.

"Anyway," Mindy continued, "Wanna hang out tonight?" You looked over at Tara, who had a small smirk on her lips as she waited for your answer. You and Tara had been secretly dating for almost a month, and you had plans with her tonight.

"Sorry, I can't, gotta watch the dogs." Technically that wasn't a lie, you did have to watch your dogs, but you would also be with Tara.

"No worries, next weekend?" She said, standing up from the table to go find her brother.

"For sure, see ya Min!" You smiled, giving her a small wave and returning your gaze to Tara. She was talking to Wes about whatever he was into these days, but you knew she wasn't paying attention.

"I'll be right back," You said, giving Tara a mischievous look as you began to stand. You then walked away without another word, heading to the bathroom, knowing Tara wasn't far behind. As soon as you walked into the far side of the bathroom you heard the door swing open again and you turned around to see Tara. "Well hey there pretty lady," You smirked, walking toward the short brunette and wrapping your arms around her waist.

She wasted no time in pressing a kiss to your lips, her hands finding your hair feverishly. The two of you backed into the bathroom counter, your bodies colliding with need.

"So," she smirked, disconnecting your lips, "watching the dogs huh?"

"Uh-huh." You responded, connecting your lips with hers again. "I mean, technically, that is what I'll be doing." You said, trying to justify the fact that the two of you had been lying to all of your friends.

"That's not the only thing you'll be doing." She winked, giving you another brief kiss before giving you a taunting wave and exiting the bathroom.

***later that day***

You were sitting on your couch with Tara, her legs across you as the two of you watched a slasher film, and then your phone went off.

"Who is it?" Tara grumbled, turning over to look at you. You peered down at your phone, confusion immediately filling you.

"It's Amber." You replied, opening up the message.

Amber: hey y/n can we talk?

You: uh sure, what's up?

Amber: I just have a question to ask

You: ask away then

As you received another message from Amber you couldn't help but burst into laughter. You immediately handed your phone to Tara and she joined in.

Amber: would you maybe wanna go out with me

Now there is nothing wrong with Amber personally. But you have never liked her and you definitely didn't expect her to ask you out. It was very very obvious that she had liked you for quite a while, but it was also very obvious that the feelings were not reciprocated.

You: I'm sorry but no

Amber: oh, do you not want a relationship right now?

You weren't sure how to let her down gently but also get the point across.

"Hey, Tara?" You said, turning to your girlfriend who was now very interested in your conversation with Amber. "Do you care if I tell her about us? I mean our friends are bound to find out anyway." You asked, and her eyes beamed at your question.

"Please do tell her," she said enthusiastically, her willingness catching you a bit off guard, "I want her to know you're mine.

"Yes ma'am." You laughed, typing out a reply to Amber.

You: no it's not that, I'm already in a relationship and I'm very happy.

Amber: oh... with who?

You looked back up at Tara whose brown eyes were shining in the dim light from the Tv.

You: Tara

You expected Amber to have some huge reaction, whether it be fake congratulations or even plain anger. But what you didn't expect, was for her to leave you on opened.

"Well, guess that is solved." You laughed, setting your phone down and pulling Tara close to you. She just placed a kiss on the bottom of your jaw and snuggled closer into you, the two of you not even thinking about what Amber was planning.

***end flashback***

"I mean, come on y/n, you brought this on yourself." She taunted, walking closer to you, the blade of her knife shining in the bright kitchen lights.

"You're a f*cking psycho Amber." You choked out, trying not to show how afraid you were. "I mean you are so mad that I rejected you that you go on a f*cking killing spree, talk about being desperate for attention." You mocked her as she stepped forward a little more.

"Y/n, what the hell are you doing?" Sidney spat at you, trying to keep still enough so Richie wouldn't kill someone. You knew that if you were able to get Amber angry enough she would make a mistake, so that is what you were going to do. However, you didn't want to make her so mad that she drove her blade right through you.

"No, no, I'm right, we all know I am." You hissed, gesturing toward Amber. "She is so desperate for my attention that she tried to kill my girlfriend not once, not twice, but a whopping three times! I mean it's actually kinda funny!"

"Shut up," Amber said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"What, not so confident now?" You taunted, hoping to push her over the edge... and it worked.

"Shut up!" She screamed, rushing toward you, but you were prepared. You took hold of her arm just above where she gripped the knife and spun her around, disarming her while simultaneously pressing her own blade to her neck. You immediately looked at Richie.

"Drop it or I swear to god I will kill her!" You seethed, you didn't really have it in you to kill someone, but he didn't know what. Plus with your current state of mind, who knows what you would do.

"Richie, baby, please!" Amber whined, sounding like a five-year-old throwing a tantrum.

"Yeah 'Richie baby'" You mocked. He hesitantly dropped his knife, it falling at Gale's feet. As soon as he was unarmed, Sidney took hold of him while Same and Gale found anything they could to tie up the two killers.

Sidney and Gale worked to tie up Richie while Sam and Tara came over to you, taking Amber from you and tying her up as well, setting the two of them next to each other on the floor.

"You okay?" You whispered to Tara as you stepped into a different room, trying to get her away from the people who had violently attacked her.

"I was scared for you." She whispered, her hands trembling as she spoke.

"You were sacred for me? Baby, I've been scared for you since the first time you got hurt." You said, wrapping her in a tight hug. Both of you were covered in blood, either yours or someone else's. Your bodies tensed as you held each other, feeling safe for the first time in months as you heard the faint sound of sirens growing in the distance.

Jenna Ortega imagines - Revenge- Tara Carpenter (2024)


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