Secret celebrity smokers revealed from Dakota Johnson to Jenna Ortega (2024)

CELEBRITIES have all sorts of vices and addictions, including smoking - and it seems some stars would rather keep that fact under wraps.

Although the health consequences of lighting up are well known, many celebrities have been caught sparking a cigarette here and there.



Wednesday star Jenna Ortega was busted with a friend while enjoying a day out with drinks and a smoke — despite a no-smoking sign directly above them.

Jenna wore asee-through long-sleeved shirtwith a blank tank top underneath as well as green cargo pants and boots.

The21-year-old woreher hairin a ponytail with her bangs flowing in the wind and a pair of sunglasses on top of her head.

But online, fans of the beauty bashed her ugly habit.


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"Young person does stupid thing for their long-term health and well-being in an attempt to seem cool and edgy," one person said.

"Incredibly stupid and unhealthy," said another.

"Smoking is so gross lol I don’t know how young people are still getting into it," said a third.

However, Jenna is hardly the only celeb to get busted sneaking a puff.

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Dakota Johnson was caught in a web when she was busted in the bathroom at the Met Gala in 2017.

Singer Rita Ora snapped the pic and uploaded it to Snapchat, writing, "Sex on legs," in the caption, which implied that the habit was attractive.

Dakota was wearing a black dress with a flower detail on the shoulder, while her hair was wrapped in a loose bun.

Sparkly jewelry completed the look, as well as a pink lip.



Bella Hadid joined Dutch supermodel Lara Stone, Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson, and actress Ruby Rose puff puff passing on the bathroom floor at the 2017 Met Gala.

Despite their fancy and expensive attire, all four beauties lounged comfortably on the white tile floor of the bathroom, a mirror behind their heads.

It's unclear who took the photo but it was posted to Paris' Instagram account.

In it, Bella is blowing out a puff of smoke as she appears to pass the cigarette to Lara for her turn in the rotation.

Britney Spears sparks concern as she smokes cigarette indoors and lets embers fly in bizarre dance with disheveled look



There have been numerous shots of Wrecking Ball starMiley Cyruswalking around with cigarettes over the years.

However,the hitmakerhas since stopped and is now soberafter having vocal cord surgeryin 2020.

Prior to that though, Miley was a well-known smoker, not just of cigarettes but also marijuana.

Her hard-partying image first debuted during her 2013 Bangerz album era.

This was around the time she twerked on Robin Thicke during her controversial MTV VMAs performance.



Mother-of-two Gwyneth Paltrow admitted in the past that she allowed herself one cigarette per week.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar about her guilty pleasures in the past, she said, “My one light American Spirit that I smoke once a week, on Saturday night.”

She finally kicked the habit when she became pregnant with her first daughter, Apple Martin.

The Goop founder now lives a healthier lifestyle.



Lady Gaga has said she would sit on her porch and chain smoke all day while working on her 2020 album, Chromatica.

"I smoked the whole way through making this record," she confessed.

How to quit smoking

Here are just a few ways to help you quit smoking for good and protect yourself from respiratory disease.

1. Make a list of reasons

As a smoker, you probably have plenty of reasons to quit, but have you ever written them down physically?

2. Set a date

Set a "quit date" - and then stick to it, says celebrity hypnotherapist Max Kirsten.

He said, "If you are quitting by yourself, I recommend that just before you stop smoking completely on your quit date you try smoking another brand for at least a few days as they just won’t seem as enjoyable."

3. Change your diet

Researchers in the US found that some foods, including meat, can make cigarettes more satisfying.

While things like cheese, fruit, and vegetables can make them taste disgusting.

4. Change your drink

The same researchers who carried out the study mentioned above also found that certain drinks make ciggies taste better.

They found that fizzy pop, alcohol, cola, tea, and coffee all made cigs more appealing.

5. Get friends involved

As the saying goes, strength in numbers.

6. Don't go cold turkey

Only 4% of people who quit cold turkey are successful, research suggests.

But using nicotine replacement therapies like patches and lozenges increases your chance of quitting by 1.5 times, according to theBBC.

7. Get active

Scientists say that even five minutes of walking or stretching is enough to cut cravings.


Gaga previously told Huffington Postthat she favors a glass of whisky while she puffs - especially while she works her magic.

"It just frees my mind a little bit," she said.



Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted smoking hand-rolled cigarettes and vapes over the years.

The Hunger Games star has also openly talked about her preference for marijuana.

She was spotted smoking while in New Orleans in 2018.

The Oscar winner stepped out into an alley to indulge in a hand-rolled cigarette.



Dua Lipa announced in 2022 that she had quit smoking to keep herself healthy for her Future Nostalgia tour.

She also said in an interview that she’d hired a personal yoga instructor to help her stay fit and healthy on tour.

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But apparently, it didn't stick, as she has been spotted with a cigarette on multiple occasions since then.

Dua was spotted celebrating her summer film Barbie in a tropical vacation spot with a cigarette.

Secret celebrity smokers revealed from Dakota Johnson to Jenna Ortega (2024)


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