broccoli cheddar soup (2024)

  • Garima

    This looks so good! I’m going to try this tonight :)

  • I have always wanted to make this soup…it is one of my favorites…but like you I often find the ones I have in restaurants are more like eating cheese sauce, not soup. Can’t wait to give yours a go. I may even try a bit of smoked Gouda in the mix.

  • JohnnySeattle

    Well, I know what I’m making this weekend. Thankfully it’s cooled off enough up here that I feel like cooking indoors again.

    Something I’ve done in the past with this soup is use two heads of broccoli – one chopped into chunks/florets the size you want, and another to just shave all the little tiny green parts off the top and mix into the soup. It makes the broccoli flavor much more pronounced in there, and gives it an pretty cool texture as well – that way, you can use stronger cheeses in it as well, and not overpower the broccoli-ness (yes, it’s a word to me, dammit) of it all. Also, this way, you don’t have to blend anything at all unless you’re really wanting a much smoother soup – I like the chunkier version, myself. Happy souping. :)

    1. Maria

      I like soups that are both creamy and chunky so I do something similar. Before pureeing, I set aside the most beautiful and perfectly sized florets, and then add them back in at the end.

    2. Susan Epstein

      I know this is a drag and probably goes against the “stop worrying and enjoy food” ethos, to which I would prefer to wholly embrace. Unfortunately as a diabetic I have to watch what I eat. There are clearly many things I can’t have (or on rare occasions) and I don’t need any additional nutritional information. For many other things, though, I wish I had a breakdown that would allow me to count carbs. I’m not asking for vegan or keto or whatever—I have a medical condition that requires watching what I eat, and I would like to not deprive myself of the many delicious recipes you create. Is there any chance of starting to include this information?

  • Pallavi

    I feel like a fanatic creep for even knowing this, but might it be this comment?

    I was just on there last night trying to find a new use for my languishing cauliflower head and this too stuck in my head, so you’ll forgive me for secretly thinking I have magical powers in influencing your recipe decisions in any way.

    You have single-handedly induced in me a seemingly-permanent craving for broccoli, so I am excited to get warmed up on swiftly cooling evenings with this delicious looking number!

  • Um. I think this was my fault. I had that same uncontrollable urge for broccoli and cheddar soup around week 32 or so. Craved it and craved it until I couldn’t hold out any longer, and even though it was springtime, made some, gobbled it up, then made some more, wrote about it, then froze the batch for times when the baby and the toddler made cooking things impossible. Just double checked it — April 23 — so post-Passover for the second round of soup. The recipe I used didn’t call for carrots, but I’m liking the sound of it. No garlic, either. I wonder what a difference that makes… I used orange cheddar, but your white cheddar makes things look classier, if that’s possible when talking about a bowl of soup.

    Thankfully, like last time, just like my mother promised me, babies nap a lot so I’ve actually had more time in the kitchen than I thought I would.

  • This soup looks delicious – broccoli cheddar has always been one of my favorites. Great way to use my trusty immersion blender, too!

  • I don’t know how you do it … so many times I am thinking of something for dinner and you post a recipe for it! Just got back from the store with carrots, broccoli, onion and cheese … and here is the recipe I was going to look for … but now I don’t have to look!

  • Andrea

    Do you think this will work with some frozen broccoli slaw I have? It is all stems so I wasn’t sure.. I think I’ll try it anyway!

  • SandyKay

    I love broccoli cheddar soup and will be making this soon! How much (volume) chopped onion do you estimate is in “one small onion”? Also, I typically add my cream/milk after pureeing because I worry it will overcook — is there a benefit to putting it in while you are cooking the carrots and broccoli?

  • I adore broccoli cheddar soup, and this looks like a fantastic one! Dinner tonight-solved!

  • Laura

    Broccoli cheddar soup is one of my all-time favorites! How did this one re-heat after being frozen? I’ve found that in a lot of recipes I’ve tried, the texture is kind of weird because the cheese and the liquid separate a bit. It still tastes good, just not the same luxurious texture as when it’s first made. Looking forward to trying this one!

  • Cheryl

    My recipe is similar; I add the carrot to the onion mixture for a bit o’ caramelization. AND, I add 1/4-1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg when adding the broccoli.

  • Charlotte in Toronto

    Yes, please. I’ve been surfing the web looking for a broccoli cheddar soup recipe. I used to make a packaged mix (just add milk and broccoli) all the time when I was in college. And then I grew up and moved on to other things. I’ve been craving it recently. The packaged mix isn’t available anymore (probably for good reason – (trans fats, too much soduim). This looks like just the ticket to cure me. Thanks for reading my mind.

  • Broccoli cheddar soup has long been a guilty pleasure sort of thing for me. I love it but never think of it outside of the times when I eat it at mediocre restaurants that friends are dying to go to. This sounds like it would hit the spot both with the taste and the desire to not be drowned in dairy.

  • I was just thinking, uh, broccoli and cheddar, not my thing but the longer I am pondering this idea, maybe exactly my thing! Also, cauliflower – like a liquid cauliflower cheese. Mmm, hello, dinner. Should be a gorgeous vitamin balance to the German apple torte which I am sacrificing myself to eat for pudding…
    Love to the moppet, Nicole

  • We haven’t had broccoli cheddar soup in such a long time! We’ll definitely have to put it on our list of things to make this fall!

  • Cynthia

    I don’t like cream/cheese soups because they are just way too rich, but I am actually going to try this recipe, after reading that you share my dislike of cheese-sauce-as-soup. :D

  • Carol

    I am a huge fan of yours (to the point where some close friends mock me when they ask for a recipe suggestion and I start to say “Smit-“…), but I almost never comment. So first, thank you for being so amazing and so consistent and joyful to read and I hope the adblockers don’t stop your site from ever existing, because I really, really appreciate and admire your commitment to non-sponsored content.

    Anyway, I did a CSA for the first time this year and keeping up with all the veg has been a bit of a challenge (a welcome one to be sure) since I mainly cook for two and of course, I can’t resist supplementing my veggie drawer when I am craving mushrooms or something that isn’t in my share. I am particularly backlogged this week and was scheming up what to make for dinner that would use up some excess, plus be delicious, and as I thought of ideas, I began fearing I was going to have to go to the store for the third time this week to pick up some key missing ingredient to make any recipe I wanted to and then this came up and it is PERFECT. I have all of this stuff and most of it I have too much of and want to get rid of and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED.

    I know that’s a lot of words to say, “thanks! this hit the spot!”, but now you have a better sense of why I shouldn’t comment. :)

  • I JUST made broccoli cheddar soup for the first time for a Plated recipe yesterday and was like, huh, this is so easy to make, must find better better recipe. Thanks for sharing, will have to give this a try!

    1. I don’t have an immersion or upright blender. Will soup turn out ok without that step? I hope I hope!!

  • Megan Town

    Would cauliflower be a good substitute for part of the broccoli? Trying to clear out my fridge! The recipe looks fantastic.

    1. I just used cauliflower and it was a really good substitution. :) Thank you for giving me the idea. The recipe was fantastic, indeed!

  • where i live we can’t necessarily wait for the right weather for a bowl of soup — or we might never get any! on that note, these ingredients are on my list for the next shopping trip.
    it is true isn’t it ~ a girl can use her heavy cream split with milk to get half and half? (dumb question alert i think …)

  • I have great plans to try to be a “planning ahead” gal for the bun I have in the oven. We’ll see. This is sure to be on the list of foods to freeze, so comforting! Thanks!

  • It’s chilly and rainy here in KY today and I was just thinking that I needed to look up some new soup recipes to try out. I think I have almost everything I need for this. Perfect.

  • Sue T.

    Oh my, I do love a good broccoli-cheddar soup; and yours looks fantastic. My local supermarket sells a pretty good refrigerated version in their deli section, but I think I am going to have to make this “from scratch” version. I am also really happy that you used white cheddar cheese and not orange. We aren’t trying out for the circus in our soup bowl, and I want the broccoli to be the dominant ingredient. Thank you again for experimenting for all of us, and for posting this here. Yum!

  • Katie C.

    Pandora Bread makes a soup like this that I have been trying to replicate. I think this might be winner! It’s now on my todo list.

  • Katie C.

    That’s “Panera” – dumb autocorrect!

  • We love broccoli cheddar soup, and I’ve yet to find a recipe that is just right. I believe this may be the one! I can’t wait to try it! And little Anna is most beautiful little girl I think I’ve ever seen next to my daughter, Charlotte. I mean really, she is just precious, Deb!

  • tamara


  • Oh my goodness this looks amazing! I love that you sort of healthified a soup that is usually so rich, and can sometimes be a little overwhelming. I will definitely be trying this next week! :)

  • Carol

    Thank you for another fantastic recipe. Your daughter is beautiful, congratulations!

  • MelissaBKB

    Funny, I made a recipe similar to this recently that skewed toward broth over cream (because health, natch) but was ultimately disappointing because, ya know, I really just wanted a big bowl of cheese sauce! You’ve never failed me before though so I’m definitely trying this one this week! :)

  • I love broccoli cheese soup–guilty pleasure–especially if it’s made well. But I wanted to comment on the photo of your baby–so adorable!! OMG, she looks like both of you but that red hair is just so amazingly gorgeous. I’m so happy for you. Congratulations again on your sweet, sweet daughter.


  • Mary

    Looks wonderful! Is there anything you would recommend for a non-dairy substitute for half and half? I usually use almond milk but feel it would be too wimpy!Thanks!

  • Jamie

    Oh man I wish it wasn’t a million degrees here! Stupid sunny California! Seriously though this will definitely get made in my kitchen once it cools off (um…February?).

  • This looks delicious! I love broccoli and cheddar soup on a chilly day!

  • Kat

    I’ve been wanting to make soup, but it is too warm here still. I must remember this when it gets colder. I bet your “bread without a timetable” will go perfectly with this! (It is my go to bread for serving with soup)

  • matha

    Love the picture of brother and sister. Just adorable!

  • Love a good broccoli cheddar soup. One of my favourite soups. Wish the kids would eat it but yum yum!

  • Oh my, I’ve never actually tried a broccoli cheddar soup. Where have I been all my life? This looks delicious!

  • Jennifer S.

    Mary–I use coconut milk in creamy soups. Works great and I don’t think it throws the flavor off.

  • Randi

    Normally I love you Deb but right now I’m a little embarrassed to be your friend (in my head we are definitely buddies). How can you have never eaten broccoli cheese soup ever until now?! HOW?! How did you get through life without it? Also I’m very glad you’ve discovered it and now never have to go another day without it. :)

  • JessB

    If you can get your hands on broccoli leaves…it’s even better. They have SO.MUCH.FLAVOR in them. As a gardener that loves broccoli soup, this was an amazing discovery because the plants put out way more leaves than they do florets. I have been stockpiling leaves cooked in stock in the freezer so that I can make the soup whenever I want this winter. It’s that good.

  • I LOVE cream soups. I need to start getting into the soup routine.

  • JMS

    Oh my word Deb, Anna is a living doll! Seriously one of the prettiest little girls I’ve ever seen, and I have two of my own so I’m not biased or anything. You’re a lucky mom, and she’s lucky to have you, too!!

  • Susan

    Both times I’ve tried broccoli cheese soup in restaurants I practically gagged because of the salt content. It was so popular many years ago and I gave it what I thought was a fair trial. I will try your version once it cools down here in the SF bay area. You, at least, made us aware of how salty it could be because of the cheese, so I trust that you have it right.

    Your little Anna is so pretty and looks so dainty in that picture! I love that outfit on her. She does look like a little doll!

  • I love broccoli soup. I have added a potato in the past as a substitute for dairy and it creams up really nicely.

  • Kathryn

    Broccoli and Stilton is even better!

  • Kate

    I became addicted to broccoli soup AFTER I delivered my tiny moppet. A friend brought over a pot of soup for my family during my recovery. Everyone loved it and I begged her for the recipe. It’s very much like yours and it’s a staple in our family dinner repertoire. I don’t add any salt since I usually use stock made from Better-than-Bullion, which is sufficiently salty.

  • Jennifer Almarine

    Goodness, this looks amazing. I must try it. I particularly like the garnishment of more cheese!

  • I love broccoli cheese soup. I have a favorite recipe, but I will try this one because I think it will be a favorite. I worked in a nursing home for many years. They always had a big lunch, and then soup and sandwich for supper. One supper they had was broccoli cheese soup and chicken salad sandwiches. I was appalled at the way they made broccoli cheese soup. They used canned broccoli, heated it, and cut slices of Velvetta and laid on top of the steam trays and let it melt. But it was the best broccoli cheese soup! A friend gave me her recipe before she died and it has been my favorite ever since.

  • Ok, this sounds like the kind of broccoli cheddar soup that I might actually make. I mean, I like cheese sauce as much as the next person, but I can’t, in good conscience eat it with a spoon.

  • Nicole

    Looks great! Have you done this in a crock pot before? It would be a great soup to come home to.

  • Beth

    Yum!! Similar questions to some others’.. can we substitute whole milk for the half-and-half? Can’t wait to try it!

  • Sarah Beth

    I’ve been craving broccoli cheddar soup my entire pregnancy too! but my husband doesn’t like it, so I’ve only been eating it from… panera :(
    But maybe I’ll make some, and just point out that he can probably eat and enjoy anything home made by his achey, hormonal 8.5 months pregnant wife!

    Question: will frozen broccoli work? pregnancy has really turned me on to the economy of frozen veggies!

  • Lisa

    any way to make this without flour…Atkins friendly?

  • This is the perfect “it’s finally fall” soup! I’m craving this right now as I drool over the photos. Yum!

  • Arrynne

    Peeling the stems is important. If you don’t, you can end up with woody splinters in your soup. The one time I tried to make broccoli cheddar soup I didn’t peel the stems, and I regretted it.

  • JP

    @#51 Barbara: Velveeta is really looked down on these days, but to melt in a cream soup or for a grilled cheese sandwich, it is one of the best things to use. America Test Kitchen actually has a recipe for making your own and although I have never tried it, I am tempted! Velveeta has such a nice cheesy flavor and never breaks when it melts. It used to be very reasonable, but like everything else, the price has gone up! It is not cool enough for soup here yet, in CA, but a bowl of soup and a piece of bread “for swiping” is one of my favorite suppers. Thanks, Deb!

  • randy

    bacon, bacon, bacon.
    got my wife to add bacon,
    I even toss in crouton or two.

  • ChiCook

    I had been planning on making broccoli cheddar soup tonight, but couldn’t settle on a recipe. I figured it was fate when you posted this!
    I did only use about 3 tbsp of butter and 1/4 cup of cream with 1/2 cup of 2% and a little extra broth (because I was saving the cream to make your apple cider caramels!). Still delicious! My 19-month-old is currently slurping the contents from her bowl! Next time, I might try using just 2% and adding a potato for extra creaminess. But this will definitely be my go-to from now on!

  • Luda

    I made this tonight for myself and my husband. I love the broccoli cheddar soup at Panera, but this is now by far my favorite! Even my husband said so! Absolutely delicious! Thank you for this awesome recipe! Will be making it again! :)

  • Lauren

    I ate bowls and bowls of Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup when I was pregnant and I don’t think I had ever had it before that! It just never appealed to me. I have been searching for the perfect recipe ever since and this just might do the trick!

  • Jenny

    How funny, and timely! I’m about 33 weeks pregnant and one of the few foods I’ve actually enjoyed eating through my pregnancy is also broccoli cheese soup! I’ve been sneaking off to Panera to get my fix but feeling a little guilty about it since I know I should be making it myself. This is going to the top of my “to-cook” list. Also, just made your sour cream coffee cake this morning after seeing your post on Instagram a couple weeks ago…oh my god, it is so insanely good, and the baby seems to agree :) Thanks for keeping us both well-fed!

  • Vanessa

    I came here searching for a good soup recipe, but had a healthier, broth-based version in mind. Then I saw this. And then I saw a recipe for Frico Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. So I guess that’s settled…

  • Just made a double batch this evening–one of the only times I have made something the same day you posted it. :) This was my first attempt at broccoli cheddar from scratch. It was delicious! I didn’t have a bay leaf, but added parsley instead. Thanks for sharing.

  • Tina

    This broccoli thing is getting out of hand! I have made the crispy broccoli about 10 times, now I will be making this!

  • Staci

    I’m so making this tomorrow. As a kid, broccoli cheddar soup was one of my favorites. But I don’t usually love it now. It’s always a bit too much. Too thick, too much cream, too much cheese. But if it’s your recipe, I know it’ll be perfect. Thanks for 1001 delicious surprises. And for sharing pictures of your delicious Anna. She’s stunning. I don’t know how you put her down. I’d get nothing done!

  • Lauren

    My daughter has a bun in the oven (“finally” says this almost Granny, but I never nagged…) she has had a cheese thing happening also, and did mention Broccoli Cheese soup while scarfing down some Whole Foods Mac&Cheese a month ago. I guess I know what I will be doing… (in huge vats), so that come early March (still soup weather in Albany) she will have a few meals ready to go. If this baby is anything like as cute as yours are I will be happy.That photo of Anna is a killer…what a sweeeeeet face!

  • Always love some thick, broccoli cheddar soup for dinner :) Thanks for the recipe!

  • Bekki

    This looks absolutely divine. I can’t wait to try it when So. Cal cools down below…oh maybe…Ninety? So over the heat!

    I think this is my first time commenting, so I have to say that I love that your recipes are able to be replicated with wondrous results. I just made a cake from another well known blogger, and it was…meh. I would never make it again, an actually regret even trying it! Your recipes though? They’re on repeat!

  • Helen

    What do I have to do to substitute cauliflower? I’ve always been that kid that despised broccoli. I have no idea how many times I’ve made your cauliflower cheese recipe, and it was always fantastic. Thank you!

  • This looks so good! I love that your version is rich but not overwhelmingly so. I find that some of the broccoli cheddar soups you get at cafes and such are so heavy. This looks like the kind of soup I would want to curl up with on a fall evening <3

  • El

    Recommendations for a non-dairy version ?
    Has anyone tried this successfully ?
    Or at least no cheese and maybe with regular milk ?

    Thanks for any and all assistance !

  • Beautiful.Love your food photography and details, really helps,
    thank you so much for sharing

  • Erika

    This soup is a classic. I’ve made Mark Bittmans many times before, but was never quite satisfied with the texture of the “broth”. I do a roux like all others, but always find the feel of the finished soup, well, almost grainy. Like I can discern the flour or something. Any thoughts on how to get that Campbell’s-esque silkyness?

  • Bahb

    Somewhere i learned to add Tarragon to broccoli soup, the more the merrier. It makes it so rich, you MIGHT not need the cheese or cream.

    I do a non-dairy version using Swanson’s non-fat chicken broth, more broccoli and a peeled cubed potato.

    Babies and kids are cute, but yours are way beyond! The dimples and hair are killer, just for starters. I’ll bet you get stopped on the street so people can tell you how beautiful they are.

  • Thanks for this. It’s cold here, and this takes me back to the warm soups of my childhood


  • Amy

    Deb, now understand that this is coming from a gal who doesn’t like super-creamy things and therefore doesn’t actually like most cream soups, but when I make broccoli cheese soup (I mean it’s a great combination, right?), I make avgolomeno but go light on the lemon and add tons of broccoli and moderate amounts of cheese. In other words, I make an onion and rice in chicken broth base and then half-puree in the headline ingredients. Creamy but no cream, and the rice helps to keep the cheddar from separating, too. If this bizarre urge ever comes across you again, I urge you to try it this way!

  • Kris

    This makes me think of a really good broccoli soup recipe I have from a cookbook called the Rebar Modern Food Cookbook, from the owners of the Rebar restaurant in Victoria BC. It’s doesn’t involve cheddar, but it’s a rare flavour-packed broccoli soup recipe. This cookbook was a go-to for me for many years and is pretty well-known in Canada for vegetarians. When you get the chance, take a look!

  • Kristin

    My taste has apparently changed, and our standby broccoli cheese soup disgusted me when I made it last month. I am very happy to have this to try!

  • Debi

    I thought you couldn’t freeze soups with milk or cream. What gives?

  • Annalisa

    I second the tarragon addition–but with the cream and cheese for me!;) I used to make it just as you do (minus the bay leaf) and could never get it to taste like Panera’s until I saw that Ashley (Not Without Salt) had tarragon in hers–that was exactly what it needed to take it to the next level–try it next time! (And I’m going to try a bay leaf next time…)

  • Lauri

    This looks and sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing Im planning ahead and making this next week! I love the fact that this freezes well.

  • Laurie

    I can’t wait to try this! Broccoli Cheddar Soup is one of my favorites and I have long been searching for the perfect recipe. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  • So funny! I craved broccoli and cheese soup when I was pregnant too! It was the only thing that I was able to eat when my tummy was upset. I had never eaten it before either :)

  • Adrienne K

    I always thought you couldn’t freeze soups with cream because they separate…

  • Gen

    Same question here – can this soup be freezer successfully without the texture changing? I also thought it was difficult to freeze cream soups.

  • Deb

    I also craved broccoli cheese soup when I was pregnant and it is still my daughter’s favorite soup to this day (she’s 26 now)…. Will definitely be trying this!!!

  • Yum! Who doesn’t love broccoli cheddar soup?!? It’s so perfect for Fall!

  • Margaret

    This will sound weird, but a couple years ago I made some broccoli cheddar soup and, on a whim, the in a few ounces of smoked salmon I had lying around. It pureed right in and tasted *amazing*. I do it every time now.

  • Deb! Love, love, LOVE everything here- your site, your style, this recipe. I once had a broccoli, cheddar soup THING and so attempted my own recipe ONCE. It was just awful and it turned me off to the whole idea of this soup. Ahhhh, but with this recipe, I think the breakup is over. Thank you!!

    I’m experiencing a similar feeling to your site as I have felt about moving to Colorado. Why didn’t I arrive sooner?!?! I’m a Native New Yorker and while there is no place like HOME, Colorado is amazing. Better late than never. Your work is simply AWESOME. sheila

  • Love your recipes! I think you are amazing.
    I made the bread-(half the recipe in the bread maker) and it came out great!
    I look forward to your e-mails, thank you!

  • Natasha

    Just made this for dinner, it’s so good we couldn’t stop eating it either :D

  • Paula

    Help — I keep kosher. Can I use vegetable broth instead?

  • Carolyn

    This recipe looks great – I make my recipe with no roux, and it ends up being easier to control the richness. I saute the onion/garlic/carrot in a little olive oil, add broth and broccoli, then blend the mixture. That way, I can add cream until it’s just just right, which can vary from season to season… and the volume of broccoli/veg (relative to broth) is what thickens the soup, not a roux. Cheese whirled in at the end, off the heat. Served with little toasts and maybe a sprinkle of bacon bits on top :)

  • Made a double recipe of this last night–four out of five thought it was delicious, one thought it was “sooooo horrible I’m going to throw up, Mama.” (said in the most tragic and tearful way possible) She didn’t.
    I’m declaring it a winner. Thanks for another fantastic recipe!

  • deb

    Freezing the soup — Yes, the texture was a little less smooth once defrosted, but the taste was perfect.

    Erika — I haven’t seen Bittman’s recipe but it helps to use cream or at least a full-fat milk and to avoid acidic ingredients.

    Helen — No reason you cannot use it instead. Go for the same volume, 4 cups, when chopped small.

    Sarah Beth — Frozen broccoli, absolutely.

    Using whole milk for half and half — Yes, but I think it will be less rich. Do keep in mind that I already lowered the cream amount about as far I felt I could while still keeping the soup creamy; it won’t taste bad with less, but it might not ring out as a creamy, cheesy soup.

    Broccoli and stilton — YES. I had completely forgotten how wonderful this was when I was in the UK until yesterday, when going to delete this (now done) recipe off my To Cook list and found a note for Broccoli and Stilton soup instead. :)

    Karol — I did not. They started us out with champagne because: anniversary and then it was wine and I don’t remember much after that. Heh.

    SandyKay — It’s about 1 cup onion. The base of the soup is a roux, adding the liquid makes it something like a veloute, gives it body. The cream is part of this base/body, not just a finish.

    Molly — Yes, it was you! I went as far as to guess it was you but no amount of search terms led me to the comment. Thanks. I mean, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.

  • This looks so delicious and comforting! Definitely going to try it this fall.

  • What a sweet baby! Love broccoli soup. Be nice to have a homemade version.

  • Great soup, but I did feel compelled to add one tablespoon of Better Than Bullion (for a little more flavor) with a cup of water, to initially simmer the broccoli, then added the milk (less one cup) and half n half. . I used both Monterrey Jack and sharp Cheddar cheese and a big dash of Mrs. Dash lemon pepper. I also like the roasted portion of the broccoli

  • Wow!! What a great soup!! I guess I will use the recipe for a porridge pot >.< Great dish for children who hate carrot and brocolli. Thank you so much

  • This will be dinner tomorrow night as I’ll need to hit whole foods. Looks lovely

  • Stacey

    This is, without question, the best soup of its kind! I had given up on all broccoli cheddar and/or cream of broccoli soups for being either too cheesey, too floury or too potatoey. This is the perfect soup for this here broccoli-lover…thanks for bringing me back to the fold! And for those interested, the very small amount of flour in the recipe makes it very easy to sub gluten free flour with no discernible change to the finished product. Those of us who are GF are seldom able to eat creamy soups, so this is a huge bonus! Thank you for another fantastic recipe. [I’ve yet to make anything from smitten kitchen that wasn’t a complete and utter hit.]

  • I made this for dinner tonight and it was DIVINE. Better than Panera’s! I’ll definitely be making it again soon. :)

  • Amy Felice

    You just make me laugh!

  • Epiphyllum

    Had a “rainy day” here yesterday. (Being a Californian I am willing to expand the definition wider than most. We had enough moisture fall from the sky that the sidewalks smelled wet. Therefore, rainy day.) I also had broccoli that needed to be dealt with. My boyfriend, who is not a fan of cooked broccoli, liked this enough that he wouldn’t mind if I made it again. :) Thank you!

  • Sarah

    I too was just thinking about a broccoli cheddar soup for next week after my market trip. I usually do a recipe with potato and sometimes milk, from an old milk calendar I think. It has been so many years since I originally used the recipe and I have adapted it since. I like to add some mustard seeds, thyme, and nutmeg. Perhaps I will try a version with a bit of cream and flour.

  • This is the kind of thing that makes me crazy! It’s bad enough that creamy leek and potato soup is calling my name and the ever wonderful cream of butternut squash, but now this! Did my comment make you want leek soup? with cream? I hope so!!!

  • Broc cheese always reminds me of our many family trips to Baker’s Square before my mom discovered the food network! So glad it hasn’t lost any popularity over the years, and you reminded me that I should probably whip up a quart or two for the, um, freezer.

  • LTurtle

    Love broccoli cheese soup! But had somehow forgotten about it lately. I’m expecting right now too and have spent the last month craving broccoli & grilled cheese. Maybe this soup is a way to get my broccoli cheese fix and still please my family, who are a bit tired of the same old thing. May I humbly suggest replacing up to 1/4 of the broth with beer? It gives a whole new depth of flavor.

  • NancyNS

    Made it last night, ate it tonight. It tastes SO GOOD! My husband and I had seconds, and, with some rosemary/olive oil bread, was a perfect dinner on a suddenly cool night. I’m going to try it with cauliflower this weekend since I have a giant head of it in the bin. Mmmm. Can’t wait.

  • Becca

    Yum!! Made it for dinner tonight and ate two bowls. Simple and fairly quick, and will definitely make it into the soup rotation. I used Swanson organic veggie broth, didn’t add salt or pepper (it didn’t need any to me), Kraft shredded sharp cheddar, and omitted the carrots because those are a four letter word in my house. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  • Mel

    Looks delicious! Quick question, though – what’s half n half? I’ve never seen it in Aussie before. What would be an alternative? Thanks!

  • I’ve always avoided the broccoli and cheddar soup because it sounded more indulgent than healthful, but you present a strong case to be more accepting of the devil on my shoulder. Thanks, Deb!

  • shailey gb

    I’ve been looking for a freezable Brocc soup. And thank you for finding one. I am also going to try to roast my brocc a little ahead of time to get a little more brown flavor. Thank you so much for posting this. I am so looking forward to making it.

  • HA

    I recently came across a recipe for “cauli-cream” to use as a subsitute for cream. Essentially pureeing boiled cauliflower (3# cauliflower, 10c water, a little lemon juice and salt). I used it as a base for corn chowder and think it could be a nice swap for the half and half and broth in this soup, too. This isn’t really an attempt to veganize this soup, just an idea to lighten while still indulging in all of the cheesy goodness!

  • Lauren

    I made this tonight and it is SO good! A new favorite for sure!

  • Esther

    Just made this. I love broccoli cheddar soup, and this is easily the best I’ve had. Thanks! One question: Do you think it’s worth trying to sub 1/2 c. half-and-half and 1/2 c. milk, or would that be too thin? I ask because I immediately know I’ll want to make this all the time, and I might feel a teensy bit better about that choice if there were less cream… but maybe that’s just against the broccoli cheddar soup rules.

  • Erin

    I made this tonight, as is, and it was perfect. Wouldn’t change a thing!

  • deb

    Esther — It will probably be fine, however, I did reduce the cream about as far as I felt it could go while still tasting creamy and feeling a bit rich.

  • Jan

    I made this last night and Dad (94) and I loved it. He would eat soup every day, even when it’s in the 100s. It’s finally cool enough here on California’s central coast for soup and I’ve made soup twice this week. I’d forgotten about this soup, which was a staple at some now defunct chain here in CA. Yours is infinitely better. Of course.

  • Maureen

    A pinch of smoked paprika and either chipotle or cayenne powder in this is delicious! The original is too, just a tip :)

  • This is cooking on the stove now. Read the recipe a day or so ago and then saw the biggest, most gorgeous broccoli heads at the farmer market. This is not a typo. Farmer market. One farmer within Labrador. Okay, sometimes two but only if she isn’t cranky. I made it with some (cup?) of whipping cream and the rest full milk. More onions, more garlic and prob more broccoli. No way they’ll have arf n’arf at the Co-Op. They rarely have whipping cream. They rarely have whipping cream. I had to write that twice. We didn’t even try because sometimes I’m just not in the mood to be disappointed. I love Labrador mostly but it is very taxing to love eating and cooking here. Ah well -it was a helluva lovely broccoli. And I have half of it left over as it was huge. Jim, the farmer, tried to give it to me cheaper but no way would I let him. He said the moose would have everything trampled soon enough. They don’t eat the produce, just walk on it. Love you, southern girl!

    1. Charlotte in Toronto

      Great story. I grew up in an area of Nova Scotia where things weren’t always readily available. At the time lemons were a rare and exotic find, Things were generally overpriced. I appreciate your lacking of whipping cream and arf n’arf. The freshest seafood on the planet at our doorstep but little beyond in terms of “special” ingredients. Now I’m missing the squeaky fresh scallops but I have unlimited access to an avalanche of “special” ingredients. Can’t have it all, right? 🍋

  • Joanna

    I just had this for lunch – it was heaven in a bowl. Thank you, this will be a regular feature in our house now.

  • Ashley

    I made this for dinner last night and it was perfect! This morning I am making a frittata from your cookbook, so thank you for keeping my household fed!

  • This was really delicious! Thank you!!

  • Charles

    Made this today… Delicious and hits the spot with the cooler weather.

  • Anne

    This was really really good. I probably added more cheese than the recipe called for (which made it even more decadent). Perfect for a chilly autumn night. Thank you!

  • Diane

    Easy to make, tastes great and reheats perfectly. Definitely adding this to my smitten rotation.

  • Bad Mommy.

    I make broccoli cheese soup all the time! We love it, and it is so satisfying when it is cold out. Also, it takes no time at all, really, which is a week-night win. If you don’t have fresh broccoli, a bag of frozen works just fine also.

    The only thing I do differently is adding the carrot and broccoli at the beginning in the butter. I don’t know exactly why I do that, except that I’m trained to brown all vegetables slightly first – I think it adds flavor. I also add a small amount of celery, because I can’t seem to soup without just a smidge of that either.

    This is also one of those things you can do with odds and ends of cheese in the fridge. Just chuck them all in there: they add depth of flavor, but really sharp cheddar will cover up any questionable choices.

  • Karen

    It does become an obsession or at the least a constant craving. The recipe you put together and how is exactly how I came on mine which is exactly the same except I never added a Bay leaf. Yesterday though I did add sliced Baby Bellas (about 6-8 in with the onion and carrot saute. Hubby loved it. I also sometimes add chicken for an even heartier meal. Soup is simply good food :) I love your food blog.

  • Autumn

    This was so good I wanted to swim in it. I didn’t bother peeling the stems, and it still cooked together perfectly. Thanks for a great recipe!

  • Lindsay

    Made this over the rainy weekend and it was so delicious. I got a little over zealous with my immersion blender so it was smoother than I wanted but still yummy. I thought it tasted even better on day 2.

  • This soup recipe was so good served alongside crusty buttered bread! I made it last week and it was great leftovers, too.

  • SallyO

    I love it when you re-tool a “tired but goodie” like broccoli cheddar soup. It got to the point where everyone kept making it thicker, saltier, cheesier that it kind of lost any sense if balance. I love broccoli cheddar soup but I rarely order it out for fear of what I’ll get. I made this for dinner tonight. It brought back everything that was good about this soup. Dare I even mention that it’s quick easy and has fantastic results. Thank you. I put up both lunch and dinner sized bowls for leftovers. Just in time for chilly weather

  • Erica

    This was bowl-licking delicious. I fully intended to keep some for lunch leftovers, but we ended up finishing it off for dinner. Next time I’ll double it up so we don’t eat it all in one meal!

  • Jenn G

    I made this soup over the weekend and it was everything I ever wanted in a broccoli cheddar soup! My husband picked out a British white cheddar cheese and I have to say, the soup was just tasting “fine” until adding the cheese at the end, and then it zoomed up to “spectacular”! I’ll be making more and freezing it for the dreary winter days. Thank you!

  • Mark

    You do know that 1 cup of half ‘n half, and a 1/2 cup heavy cream + 1/2 cup milk are the same thing, don’t you?

  • Kate

    I made this last night! Absolutely delicious. Not too rich or heavy, but every bit as wonderful as broccoli cheddar soup can be.

  • Michelle

    I’d hate to think I’m becoming a total bore, but what about cooking a potato and mashing it up to thicken and creamify the coup with less half and half??

  • Ashley

    I’m loving all of these freezer meals. Are these the same kinds of meals you would want someone to bring you? Every couple of months we take meals to new moms in our parish and I’m never sure what to bring, so I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.

    1. deb

      Ashley — Absolutely. Today, in fact, would be excellent as it doesn’t look like dinner will be making itself again. :) Another of my favorite things I was brought after the baby was both granola bars (here’s an indulgent one, and one without dairy or wheat) and granola (a great recipe here, although my favorite is in my cookbook), which are just a scoop of yogurt and perhaps a banana away from being a pretty great breakfast.

  • Megan

    I made this last night. I was short on time and patience, and shortened all the cooking times, used sub-par broth (poached a couple of breasts and saved the water), a leek and 1/4 onion, and it was still fantastic. I love recipes that are flexible enough for weeknight chaos, and I can’t wait to see how delicious this is when I actually do it right!

  • dana

    omg, this soup is SO good. so much more than the sum of its parts (which alone would be awesome).

  • Deb Johns

    Fantastic! Made with all half and half and used frozen organic broccoli from Costco (just threw in a 1lb bag out of the larger package…how easy). Served with the Whole Wheat Oat Bread that you recently posted.

  • This is one of my favorite soups for chilly weather. So warming and so filling. Love this healthier take on it!

  • Amy

    Simply perfect.

  • Justine

    Made this for dinner tonight and it was a huge hit. The four-year-old ate three bowls, the baby ate about one bowl before demanding to feed herself, and even my broccoli-hating husband managed to eat an entire ladleful. (Progress!) Can’t wait to have it again for lunch tomorrow.

  • Laurie

    This is so good! I love broccoli cheddar soup. I’ve been looking for the perfect recipe and I finally think I’ve found it. Thanks for fulfilling my broccoli cheddar soup fantasies!

  • Made this last night and LOVED it! I added fresh tarragon as some commenters had recommended (thanks Bahb and Annalisa!) and also a cubed and boiled potato at the end, so it was a full-on veggie chowder :) Froze half and will be enjoying the rest all weekend. I love how filling but not cloyingly creamy it is. Thanks as always!

  • Jenna

    Made this and I’m already craving it again. Husband said it was phenomenal. I used 1/2 cup cream and a block of raw cheddar cheese. Next time I will wisely double the recipe. So good!

  • Andrea

    This is SO good. Thank you for not corrupting it with red pepper as some do. I was even dubious of the carrot but it works and adds nice flecks of orange. I followed the recipe except I had slightly less than 8 oz of cheese due to toddler snacking, and I just ran out of cream so used whole milk. I like my broccoli soup on the thicker side so think next time I would add one or two cubed potatoes with the other vegetable but this is the base I would start with for sure.

  • Lauren

    Good soup, but it made way too small of a yield. Next time, I’ll double it.

  • Kristi

    Hi Deb,

    Love all your Staub cookware in these recent posts! Do you ACTUALLY wash them in the dishwasher? I know their cast iron is renowned for needing no seasoning and being dishwasher-safe, but I wonder if people actually use it that way. I would be terrified of ruining it, but at the same time, I’m all about cookware that doesn’t need to be babied. Trying to figure out whether to pull the trigger on some Staub of my own!

    1. deb

      Kristi — I’m soo busted for my Staub habit. I swear, I limit my purchases to maybe one a year! I had had Staubs for 8 or so years before I read that they were dishwasher-safe. I then spent a year being too nervous to put them in. Now I do it fairly regularly. For a big pot, it’s always more practical to just hand-wash it, but they really do come out perfectly well. They’re enameled; there’s no metal exposed that would corrode in the dishwasher.

  • TG

    This was so, so good and exactly how you described – more green than white with the perfect amount of creaminess. We enjoyed it and didn’t feel too guilty about it. Perfect for a cold fall weekend.

  • Belles

    Made this the other day in a big batch for the week. I’m a college student and I love love love this website. The soup was delicious and super easy to heat up for quick veggie-filled meals. Thanks for a great recipe, I’ll be making this again!

  • Maryse42

    Made this on the weekend and my kindergartner and I both gobbled it up, it was so good, plus I had leftovers to freeze for another day! Thanks for posting so many great recipes, Deb, you inspire me!

  • MaggieToo

    Made this today and followed commenters suggestion to add tarragon, and it was utterly delish. About X-times better than the usual gluey stuff you get in restaurants. Now I’m wondering about using Brussels sprouts for the veg… their slight bitter edge might go well with the cheese richness?

  • Gemma

    Made this today. Really like the thickness. It is not too rich or too overwhelmingly cheesy.

    My soup was a little lacking in flavor (I did not have bay left on hand) but I would defiantly make it again.

  • shailey gb

    so good! just made this yesterday, as Texas is finally starting to feel fallish. Didn’t add the cheddar, it is rich enough without! thanks for a great go to recipe. I served the soup with cheesy garlic bread, and it was wonderful!

  • Colleen

    Finally bought a ton of fresh broccoli from the farmer’s market this weekend, so I HAD to make this. I could eat this forever… and ever… and EVER.
    And I decided to go with fat-free half and half because I can’t have all of that fat, especially with the cheese. I never go wrong with ANY of your recipes, but this really hit the spot for some reason… THANK YOU!!!

  • Blanca

    I made this soup last weekend and it is delicious!! Perfect combo of thickness and richness. Had ours with Parmesan garlic bread, it was the perfect comforting meal for a chilly night. I managed to freeze a few bowls for weeknight meals later on.Thank you!

  • ReneeRR

    Made this yesterday, yum!

    My version was vegetarian since I used my Cook’s Illustrated frozen bouillon, which is my go-to broth these days (and has made every soup delicious…).

    I forgot the cream or milk at the end, it was still amazing. We’re a low cream family.

    I will say that I can’t digest a lot of milk too well, and this was a little hard on my stomach. Next time I might try starting with olive oil rather than butter and decreasing the amount of cheese. Not sure at what point the soup loses the creaminess it needs.

    In the meantime, we get to have the leftovers tonight…

  • harika recipes

    your recipes posting is very nice and good write. i am impressed your posting. thank you.

  • VALC

    We loved this soup for dinner this evening. Grated cheese on the side for each to add as desired. I found it delicious without any sharp cheddar. Simple and splendid.

  • Mary Ann

    OK, this must be a pregnancy thing. 26 weeks and I think this has to be dinner tonight :)

  • Sophia

    Oh Deb, this soup is divine! I made this soup last night, with an addition of a potato (though next time I may have to add slightly more liquid since the potato definitely thickened it right up), and a bit of cayenne pepper, and I had to control myself as I was tasting it before adding the cheese, it was so good! I also used half smoked English cheddar and half sharp for an extra kick, yum yum yum!

    My friend who says she despises soups as she feels it’s bland and boring, even gobbled up TWO HEAPING BOWLS of this stuff!

  • Jeannette

    Thank you, Deb, for another great soup recipe! I made this soup a few days ago, and it was delicious! It was rich and creamy without being too heavy. You rock!

  • Esther

    Tip for those asking about freezing, since the thawed texture isn’t great: freeze half the soup *before* adding the cheese. When you thaw and heat the second half of the soup, add the cheese at the end as you did with the first half — then it’ll have the same perfect texture.

  • Renee

    I wonder if anyone has some input on cheese curdling…? I made this about an hour or so before I would be serving it. I only have one pot and would be needing it to make another soup. So, while the broccoli cooked, I heated up my crockpot. After a bit of pureeing, I dumped the soup into the crock, then added the cheese. At that point, I should have set the soup to “Keep Warm”. but accidentally set it to “Low Heat”. When I returned some time later, it was bubbling with heat. The cheese had also curdled, for lack of a better term. Basically looked like adding bad cream to your coffee. The flavor was still great, so I’m wondering if this texture was similar to what some of you said would be the result of freezing/thawing. Was it just due to the excessive heat? Or could it have been the cheddar itself? I used sharp white, hand grated. Any thoughts for the future? Thanks!!

  • I’m making it for the first time today, smells delicious and looks so good!

  • This looks so good!! :)))

  • Will definitely try this some time :D

  • Hayley

    Made this soup this past weekend. I was happy it came together pretty easily and quickly. We served it with plain biscuits for a light lunch and my family loved it. Will make again for sure :D

  • Tina

    I made this soup last night for a group and I think you nailed it. Great recipe.

  • Karen T.

    I made this soup with 1% milk instead of the half n half (too lazy to run to the store) and I also cut out half the butter (in an attempt to make up for all the toffee and caramels I’ve eaten this week)–it turned out great. Looking forward to making it again with half n half.

  • nancy

    Can you freeze this soup?

  • jose

    It´s possible to make this soup with melted raclette cheese? Can you recommend it??

  • Kate

    I made this soup last night! It was fantastic. Followed the recipe except I added a second carrot (love them) it was hard for me to peel the stems of the broccoli so i only got two stalks of broccoli in there. I may do 6 cups of broccoli instead of 4 – just because I like my broccoli soup with lots of broccoli! But overall – this was a tasty soup and perfect!

  • Debbie

    Great taste! I substituted arrowroot flour for the regular flour, deceased it slightly. Will keep this recipe for sure!!

  • Vanessa

    This makes me laugh because when I was pregnant with my daughter I had a huge craving for broccoli cheddar soup – something I’d never even tasted before! And I wasn’t even really a fan of broccoli! I made it ALL THE TIME and it was somehow the perfect thing. Along with watermelon and chicken nuggets… Recently I wanted to make some (nope, I’m not pregnant this time around ;-) and I’m going to try your recipe!

  • Cate

    Yum! SO good. Made this tonight, followed the recipe exactly, and it was a big hit at my house. Thank you!

  • Mary

    This soup is AMAZING! My husband and I made it tonight and didn’t change a thing. Thank you! I can’t wait to make it for my book club girls! :)

  • hajer zsuzsanna

    I can’t understand why some people hate broccoli? It is very tasty and healthy. I love it, and will definitely try this recipe.

  • Miruna

    Had some garlic and herb goat cheese in the fridge that needed to be used up, so I put that instead of cheddar – turned out amazing!

  • Mel

    I made this tonight. It was lovely, I ate two enormous bowls! I left out the garlic and used semi-skimmed milk (no cream). It was still creamy. I used mature English cheddar. When reheating creamy foods I add a bit of milk and reheat slowly.

  • Liana

    My roommate was trying to give up cheese, so I made her a bowl without cheese and then added it in for myself. I was surprised to find that I actually really liked her soup; although the cheese was definitely good, I found that it didn’t add very much – definitely going to make it without cheese in the future for plain broccoli soup (but it’s so good!)

  • Briana

    YUM! Delicious recipe with lots of broccoli. I hadn’t ever made broccoli cheese soup before but I’ll definitely be making it again.

  • Cy

    Deb, Just made this soup, almost verbatim except I used a very strong white Gouda from Grocery Outlet. ( they have a lot of very cheap, inexpensive, often imported cheese)I used whole milk, that’s what I had. It turned out delicious. I lost my older sister suddenly just before Christmas and cooking is helping me move through the grief. We all love to cook in my family and my sissy was great at it. She loved cheese and although, not herself vegetarian she was very skilled at cooking veg recipes. It’s rainy here in SF today, so the perfect recipe. I’m working my way through your lovely blog. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  • Gillian

    Made this soup tonight without the half-and-half (but with butter and cheese) and still wonderful.

  • Sheri

    Deb, what do you think about using whole wheat flour instead of regular flour? Do you think it would change the consistency or taste too much? I’m concerned about buying a whole big bunch of white flour when I don’t use it much. (I’m not much of a baker but if I were… I’d like to think I would use whole wheat flower… because it’s… healthier? haha… Thank you for all of your wonderful recipes by the way… you rock!!

  • deb

    Hi Sheri — I haven’t used whole wheat flour for a roux/bechamel type sauce before (which this is a stretched-out variant of) but I found this advice online — sounds like it can work.

  • Ceri

    Yet another great hit! Made it this weekend and served it in home made bread bowls to a girl who said she doesn’t like cheese and she loved it (-: Thanks!

  • Laura in CA

    Had this tonight with delicious seedy bread on the side… my husband made it and he did 75% half and half, 25% 2% milk… it was SO delicious! I put the remaining soup in a tupperware and then took the pan, another slice of bread, and sat on the couch with the pot in my lap and slopped up the remnants that were in the bottom of the pan.

  • Laura K

    omg this was so good. My 8 month old had it as her first broccoli. The whole family was very happy! New soup in the rotation!

  • Having just frozen 15 lbs of broccoli from my local farm, could one use frozen broccoli? And if so, any suggestions on tweaking the recipe?

    1. deb

      Frozen should be no problem, should work the same. Enjoy!

  • Delicious! Enjoying a bowl as I write this, and made it just as you directed.Thank you!

  • The SK email with the link to this glorious recipe came in while I was sitting near my favorite window, which at the time had a chilly breeze blowing in. This dish was my official kick-off to fall and my boyfriend and I enjoyed it very much. Made as instructed above using 1/2 cup of heavy cream and 1/2 cup extra chicken broth. The moment when you add in all the grated cheese at the end…😍 Holy oh my goodness. We ate ours with crusty and warm french bread.

  • Robyn

    Yum! I saw this on my FB feed and had to make it for dinner tonight. I didn’t have heavy cream or half and half but strangely I DID have mascarpone which made a great substitute! I added some whole milk at the beginning and added the mascarpone at the end, just before blending. Thanks for another great recipe!

  • This was so good! I made some minor changes based on what I had on hand – no carrots, half the cheese, added leek – and it was still just so rich and yummy. I used homemade chicken broth and used 3/4 half and half and 1/4 water. Delicious and will definitely be making it again!

  • Heather

    Could one just dump all the ingredient in the crock pot and leave to simmer all day on low? Just curious. Thanks!

    1. deb

      Well, you’re going to start by making a roux so it can thicken a little — this can be done in some crock pots but will probably not have the same body if the ingredients were just dumped in at once. And I wouldn’t put the cheese in until the end.

  • mortalfool

    We eat ketogenically (low carb, high fat, moderate protein), so would like to cut out the flour. Has anyone tried doing that? Perhaps increasing the heaviness of the cream combination? Does/would it come out thick enough?

    1. Leigh

      I was wondering the same thing, I eat the same way.

      1. Leda

        Hi! Also curious if this recipe works without the roux? Will it just be thinner? Have had much success and love the traditional way, but am trying to make it for someone keto

        1. deb

          It’s just thinner, but it’s not a very thick soup with it, so you’ll probably be fine. Blending the broccoli a little can also add thickness.

          1. Robin

            I made it this week without the roux and subbing red bell pepper for the carrot. It was thinner, but my keto friend still loved it. I made it again, but as the recipe is written (nonketo) for us, and it was delicious of course. I think if you add a little more broccoli to purée, it will thicken it enough. My friend didn’t mind, and it was perfect for her.

  • This soup is fantastic and it freezes and reheats beautifully. Thank you!

    1. Josee+Marchessault

      I was coming here to find that information thank you so much for your post!

  • Stephanie

    I made this last night, and I’ve just had some for lunch and I think I want to marry it. I’ve never had broccoli cheddar before! What have I been doing with my life. It’s amazing.

  • lisaincolorado

    I just made this with my daughters, ages 9 & 11. It was an easy recipe to manage with the girls and turned out to be a bowl of heaven. A perfect dinner with some crusty bread while dad is out of town!

  • Rachel

    I have never made broccoli cheddar soup before but I just made this and its incredible! I added some crumbled bacon on top and served with some crusty bread on the side. Such a lovely comforting meal. I also just want to say I really appreciate how you test and re-test recipes and do so much of the legwork for us! Thank you!

  • Jane

    Did not like this at all. Tasted none of the cheese or any hint of cream, just feels like eating a bowl of puréed broccoli. Very unsatisfying for all the time spent.

  • Eliza

    My husband made this for dinner last night and it was honestly the best soup I’ve ever had. Watching the cheese melt into the soup was so satisfying! We felt like it was a lighter take on some of the other versions of this soup we had. The carrot added such a great taste! This is definitely going to become a staple in our fall/winter repertoire!

  • This recipe is easy, and turns out delicious. I use it just as written, except I like to add extra broccoli. I also used medium cheddar rather than sharp the last time, and it was still good (though I would prefer sharp).

  • Yum-a great basic Broccoli Cheese soup. Love the addition of the carrot for a bit of natural sweetness. I was a bit unsure about adding the dairy and simmering before I added the broccoli and carrot but it worked!

  • I’m so glad this recipe came around again somehow! I made it tonight, exactly as written (which is sometimes hard for me to do…), and it was awesome! Love it so much, and so did hubby! Thanks for perfecting it! Excellent for a cold and snowy Colorado evening.

  • janicetomich290

    This soup is fantastic. Thanks so much! I’ll be making it again. Love that it’s freezable. I’d always questioned whether creamed soups were freezable so good to know that this one is.

  • Katie

    This is one of the best broccoli soup recipes I’ve made that doesn’t require a ton of cheese to have any flavor and doesn’t use condensed canned soup. To step up the flavor a bit, I recommend upping the amount of garlic and onions, add a large pinch of smoked paprika, and sub some of the cheddar with smoked gouda. Devine.

  • Monica McCormick

    Very similar to my fav broccoli soup, but I swap red bell pepper for the carrot and sauté with the onion; a potato boiled until soft for half the cream; a pinch of cumin in the roux.

  • Ann

    I make mine similar to yours, but I start with a potato base, cooking 3-4 potatoes in the vegetable broth until soft and mush them up before adding the broccoli and cheese sauce, etc. It helps to keep it lighter. Hm, may just have to make that tonight with some good garlic bread!

  • Allison

    Try roasting the veggies first for more flavor. Toss with a little olive oil (and garlic or garlic salt if desired), roast at 375-400 for 10 min or so until just done. The veggies retain the pretty color in the soup longer and the natural sugars are caramelized. I always make more veggies because I’ll eat half of it before it goes into soup.

  • Mary Huang

    Hi! I’d love to make this but have no immersion blender. could I use a regular blender?

    1. deb

      Absolutely. Immersion blenders just make it easier.

  • Maria

    Best Thing I’ve Eaten. Whole family agreed. Used veggie broth, 1/2 C heavy cream, red onion, pinch of nutmeg, and Prairie Breeze cheddar. I’m wondering if it would be as delicious with frozen broccoli.

    1. Maria

      Oh, and white whole wheat flour for the roux.

      1. Camille

        Prairie Breeze cheddar is soooo good! I only ever snack on it and have never cooked with it. Does it melt okay in this?

  • Eating leftovers as I write! So yummy- added some celery and an extra clove of garlic.

  • Made this last night and my little one said “you are the best mom ever for making that dinner last night”! This is a winner and the easiest thing ever to put together!

  • Cynthia

    I made this on this chilly early February day – wow! I made the recipe as written with one exception: I used whole milk instead of the half and half. It was still absolutely delicious. I had to cook it longer as I apparently didn’t cut the broccoli and carrot in small enough pieces. They do need to be “tiny” to cook more quickly. The immersion blender worked wonderfully and still allowed for some nice body in the soup. This is a keeper any time of the year, but especially on a cold winter’s day.

  • Amanda

    Added two potatoes to this and it made the soup a bit heartier so we didn’t need the divine crusty bread that _someone_ forgot to buy to make this into a meal.

    And used a shallot instead of an onion.

    A non-fan of broccoli in my house stated that this soup is “excellent”! Yay.

  • Eliza

    SO so good! We skipped the carrot and I used our goat milk for the dairy. It’s such a great satisfying soup. Thanks for another great recipe!

  • Karen Thorne

    Great soup, but I actually like the taste better, before I added the cheddar. So, if you want something a bit lighter, skips the cheddar or sprinkle a bit on top.

    1. Julie

      I tried this suggestion, and I agree!

  • Anne-Marie

    Hi Deb, I looove this soup!! I’ve made it many times, now! But I’m confused about your measurement for the shredded cheddar. On my measuring cup, 8 ounces equals 1 cup and 16 oz is 2 cups (yeah, I’m good at math…)! So,….what should I do? I end up putting the whole 2.5 cups of cheese in but just wanted to verify with you…

    1. Sheila

      Cheese ends up being incredibly “fluffy” when shredded or grated. An 8-ounce block of cheddar will fill up two cups worth. Weight and volume are two different things – except with water, which is what the measurements on our cups are based on.

  • Charlotte in Toronto

    OMG I love this soup. I’ve made it about a dozen times since Christmas. The first time I did the “cook the broccoli in the broth” method as instructed. Then I started roasting the broccoli and carrot in the oven. Then I made it with cauliflower and carrot. Then I made a double batch with both broccoli and cauliflower. And then subbing in roasted celery root for the broccoli. And then with cauliflower and a good sized roasted beet. And with asparagus. Everything I’ve triedwas good. This is such an adaptable recipe. Thank you, Deb, you’ve fed me all winter, and probably for a few more weeks until it gets warmer. And by the way, it freezes beautifully – the cream doesn’t separate like I thought it might. And I found you don’t have to peel the broccoli stalks if you cut them about 3/8 of an inch thick. That extra fiber has to be good for me somehow. ❤

  • Margy

    This looks great…though I have to say I made an incredible broccoli and cheddar Soup with only 1 head of broccoli, 1 leek and 1 zucchini…cooked in vegie stock…blitzed…then some creme fraiche added. It was so good I didn’t even need the cheddar….and I don’t take leaving cheese out of anything lightly!! Now I wanna try yours and compare!

  • Jody

    I am definitely going to try this. I made someone else’s version (it looked promising), and hated it.

  • Laura Green

    This is delicious! I sometimes make it with grated parm rather than cheddar, probably more like 6 than 8 oz., which gives it a lighter, slightly less melty, but equally tasty flavor and texture.

  • Shannon Murphy

    I just found this because I am pregnant, craving broccoli cheese soup, and hoping to avoid the nacho cheese effect. Somehow I just knew that you would be the one to help!! It’s on the stove right now, thank god.

  • Charlotte in Toronto

    I’m sure this has already been done and commented on, but I just had to tell you this. I made this tonight. I had some bacon kicking around in the fridge. I fried it and used the bacon fat along with the butter to cook the onions. It was a really nice addition. The bacon was from Costco and their bacon is really smoky. I’ll be keeping some bacon in the freezer for all of the next times that I will be making this soup in the next 6 months. As for the crispy bacon garnish, well, it disappeared before the soup was done. I don’t know where it went…

  • Jenna

    This is a “go-to” soup recipe for me and my family. Always SO GOOD. I usually just use a cup of whole milk in lieu of half ‘n half and have yet to be disappointed. My husband regularly accuses me of never making the same thing twice, so the fact that I’ve made this 10+ times in 2 years is really saying something. Thanks Deb!

    And since I’m gushing, I may has well say, you are my absolute favorite food blog, and have been for 9 years. When I want a recipe I know is going to be good, I come here. Thanks for all the work you do in the kitchen so I don’t have to.

  • sarah

    can this be made without the flour? would it just be thinner soup?

    1. Kathy K

      Not sure if this will help…when I make a soup that calls for flour, I sometimes add a potato or two (cubed) instead. It cooks along with the other veg and blends in with an immersion blender, giving the soup a thicker consistency.

    2. Kelly

      I may try to thicken with potato flour….just a thought. A tbs or two

  • Guest

    I made this this weekend on the first cold weekend and it was perfect! I love that you give measurement by weight so it takes the guesswork out of how much veggies to use. It turned out perfectly.

  • Janet

    Thank you for the email newsletter today. It inspired me to FINALLY make your broccoli cheddar soup. I even added a homegrown chopped habanero for some added heat. Delicious!

  • Beatrice Worsley

    thank you so much, the smile on my husband’s face was my wonderful reward. This was absolutely delicious. We have enough for dinner and to invite friends for lunch tomorrow. I will be making this again and again!!

  • jackbeanstork

    Cheddar cheese just happens to be my Achilles’ heel. I saw cheddar cheese in the name of the recipe and it was love at first sight. I knew I had to make it even before learning that it came with broccoli and was in soup form. I am always worried with soups like this that they will come out too thick and turn into rib-sticklers but it turned out to be the perfect texture.

  • Tara G

    I just made this & followed the recipe exactly. I used the broccoli crowns & stems & I loved both in the soup. As the recipe notes you must peel the broccoli stems before chopping them. This soup was excellent! Not too heavy, greasy or cheesy as other broccoli cheese soup recipes can be. It is just perfect! Next time I am doubling the recipe!

  • Beth

    This was absolutely delicious! Also very easy. I love that it is light enough I don’t feel bad going back for seconds (or thirds!) without compromising taste. I added a splash of beer just for fun, and served with baguette.
    Thanks again for the awesome recipe.

  • Laura Barrett

    This looks like a great recipe. My jaw dropped when I read your comment about your craving. When I was pregnant with my first son I had bad morning (um, all day) sickness, and the main food I craved was cream of broccoli soup. Everyone thought I was nuts, because that does not seem like typical fare for the nauseated. Some doctor should take note! Could be the basis of a future treatment.

  • SD2SF

    I used whole milk, and it turned out great! I had some leftover zucchini and some frozen pumpkin puree from other recipes and threw those in there for extra veggies. I also doubled the broccoli in an attempt to add even more veggies. The soup is already very rich with the butter and the cheddar, I don’t think it needs cream nor half and half. A big hit!

  • homecookextraordinaire

    This was the BEST soup…DH and I had this tonight as we braved the winter here in ATX. I added a small amt of smoked paprika and cumin (per other suggestions), additional onions, garlic and broccoli and not nearly all the cheddar. It was phenomenal! Definitely a keeper in our rotation…even for typical Austin weather. Thanks for this awesome recipe.

  • Kim Mazza

    Loved this recipe. Made for dinner last night and it was so easy.

  • Kelly

    This is awesome! I waited until the end to add dairy, though, because I only had 2% milk. I tasted it and thought, “who needs dairy?!”, so I didn’t add it. It is so yummy! I have added cheese as I’ve portioned out my lunch. It is a great recipe!

  • Kacie

    Second time making this and I added just a little bit of potato (half of a small one)…I think it made the texture perfect. Love love this recipe!

  • Hi! This is my favorite FAVORITE soup and I have made it about 20 times. My one criticism is, it’s not thick enough. To get the full creamy effect, it needs more body. I add more flour and it’s perfect. Anyway, thank you so much for this recipe! Everyone loves it.

  • Barbie

    I made this! Except I completely changed it…
    While I always trust your recipes (seriously, you haven’t let me down, from Snickerdoodles to chocolate cake to Kartoffelpuffer- Latkes- your recipes are just my jam), my husband doesn’t like broccoli (gasp). I was determined to keep the broccoli in there (it is my favourite vegetable), but I added some things and skimped on the stock (because hubby will eat a thick soup/stew, but loathes thin ones…)
    And the verdict was: The taste is delicious, but he’s not sold on the texture.
    I’m making it again, even if it’s just for me (for a week’s worth of lunches!)

  • Jill

    Do you have an estimated calorie count and serving size for this recipe? It’s in our regular rotation (my kids love it.) I try to cut down on calories for my dieting husband with skim milk and slightly less butter. Low-fat cheese just doesn’t melt as well as regular cheese. Nutritional info would be great.

  • Liz F

    I just made this in my Instant Pot and it worked great! Followed the recipe up to adding broccoli, then just cooked under pressure for 5 minutes. Yum!!

  • Frances

    Add me to the list of people who successfully made this with whole milk – mainly because I already had it in the house. Perfect for a rainy day!

  • Shelley

    I just made this and it was delicious. Had a bunch of leftover steamed broccoli, so used that instead of raw. Also grated the carrot cause the steamed broccoli was gonna take less time to cook. Cooked it for about 10 minutes after adding the broccoli and carrots and it was perfect. Thanks again for a great recipe!

  • Lynx

    This was wonderful! I used the ingredients and measurements exactly as listed. Using a pressure cooker, I sauted the onions and garlic in the butter and cooked with the flour, then whisked in the broth and seasonings, added veggies, and cooked on high for 8 minutes. Added the dairy at the end and pureed a little bit of it in the blender. Absolutely spot on for a freezing day in Seattle! Thank you!

  • Elle

    Loved this! I used 2 lbs of frozen broccoli instead of 1.25 lbs of fresh and it turned out great. I dumped them into the pot still frozen and it was super easy.

  • Julia

    Deb – I have never eaten Broccoli Cheddar Soup nor have I had any desire to… until I read your description and recipe. I am doing “Meatless March” and came across this recipe while searching under the vegetarian tag, and I am so glad I did! I made this and I LOVED it. I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can have it again for lunch. Love your recipes and love the humor and personality you inject into your writing. Many thanks.

  • Marcela

    This may be the most delicious soup I have cooked this whole fall/winter season. I was starting to get tired of soups and looking forward to spring just to not eat them anymore, but my faith has been renewed. Thank you so much!

  • Elayne

    Made this last night – used half skim and half cream since that is what I had on hand, and also had to sub in a bit of parmesan because my cheddar was running low. Last night it was tasty, but today, after the flavours developed more deeply, it was even more delicious. Agree with Deb that the texture is better chunkier…it allows the broccoli flavour to really shine through. Yum!!

  • Julie

    I don’t have cream :( Will it still be good? Please say yes.

  • Riya

    Made this soup today and it turned out fantastic! I didn’t have any carrots, so put in a stick of celery. Otherwise I stuck to the recipe and it tastes wonderful! I used milk instead of half and half and the soup still tasted rich, creamy and oh-so-satisfying! Thanks for a keeper recipe :)

  • Georgia

    Great recipe and very straightforward. Added some cayenne to kick it up a bit but otherwise followed it as is.

  • katharine colton

    Trying to embrace the fall spirit (ugh), I decided to make this for lunch. I used what I had on hand, subbing whole milk for the half and half and water for chicken stock (also, I’m a vegetarian). The biggest change was roasting the broccoli and carrot pieces, tossed with some olive oil and garlic, and then adding them to the soup base. I don’t know if this gave it a significant flavor boost, but maybe? As this is a recipe for broccoli cheddar soup, I’m mildly embarrassed to report I only grated a bit of cheddar on top (because I knew I was going to have a cheese-tastic dinner later that evening). Still I could not manage to ruin this soup–it was delicious and even made me feel better about September. Thank you!

  • I find that leeks work better for me than onions. They give it a much richer flavor.

  • Angie

    I made this tonight with mixed reviews. I loved that there were so many veggies in here. My main issue is that once I used the immersion blender (to a chunky consistency), the small beads from the broccoli gave the soup a grainy texture. The soup wasn’t grainy before that point. Kind of ruined the soup. I’m wondering if the soup got too thick/dense? I added more stock after dinner, and that thinned the soup out. I’m hoping that does the trick.

  • I loved this, thank you so much Deb!

    I doubled the onion and garlic for extra flavor bc I didn’t have chicken stock & added cayenne pepper for kicks but otherwise followed the recipe. Had very blah quality cheddar (I live in Seoul, land of very bland cheese) but the soup came out fantastic. Need to stop ‘tasting’ the soup before it’s half gone…!

  • Breah Henderson

    Never have to look for another recipe for Broccoli cheddar soup… it is the recipe to end all recipes. SO so good!

  • Jill

    I made this tonight, and it was delicious! Used gluten free flour and your “perfect, uncluttered chicken stock”. I don’t have immersion blender so just left it as is. When I first tasted it, it needed quite a bit of salt (broth doesn’t have much at all). But the end result was so good. Everyone in the family ate it up. Thank you for another great recipe!

  • Neel

    If you’re using full fat cheddar cheese, skip the half and half, and use skim milk. It turned out fantastic.

    I would also recommend using a bit less chicken broth if you want the soup thicker.

  • Sarah

    Just made this and it turned out so beautiful I couldn’t believe I actually made it! I followed the recipe exactly as written. It was delicious though a bit too rich for me, I’ll take your suggestion next time and reduce the cream, I may reduce the cheese by 1/4-1/2 cup as well. Thank you!

  • Kathryn

    Making this again for dinner. I actually never liked broccoli cheese soup, or cheese bases in general. Just not a fan of anything that rich as a main dish. This is not that soup. I used up all our broccoli-1.70 lbs. Low on half-and-half I used 1/2 cup, plus 1/2 cup whole milk. My onion was tiny so I added shallot. With the cheese, I added a couple gratings of fresh nutmeg. Whoa Deb! Talk about versatility! Delicious every time I’ve made it, and I’ve never made it the same way twice.

  • Alia

    I made this and after adding about triple the amount of water recommended i found it to have a consistency i liked. Not sure what the point of the flour is in thickening it. Makes it so much less healthy too.

  • Anne

    I’d had my eye on this recipe for quite some time, so when my husband requested broccoli cheddar soup, I knew exactly where to come for the recipe. Made it exactly as written and it did not disappoint! I thought it was perfect as-is, though next time I might reserve some of the veggies before using the immersion blender. That way I can blend to make it really smooth, and add some nice-sized chunks in afterward. Thank you Deb!

  • Sue

    I used Vermont White cheddar and added curry powder because my husband loved a chicken divan recipe I have with curry. This soup is great.

  • Sally Andersen

    org*smic. used frozen broccoli, because, Alaska, and that’s all we got. still. so good.

  • Crystal

    I got an immersion blender frim my daughters for Christmas. This is the first thing I made with it, and it was delicious! I made it as written, except I didn’t have any bay leaves. Thanks for another great recipe!

  • Aislinn M

    I’ve made this a few times, and it always turns out well. Today, though, I think it turned out great, and I significantly reduced the prep (and maybe cooking) time! Basically, I chopped the veggies (onion and garlic, then peeled carrot and unpeeled broccoli) by pulsing them in the blender. I then did the first few steps in the instant pot using the sauté function and the step where the broccoli and carrot cook under pressure for 6 minutes. Everything blended up beautifully, and I then used leftover cheddar from your Martha’s Mac & Cheese and leftover mascarpone from your ciambellone to add creaminess at the end! Super yummy and super easy to pull together with a cold on a school night.

  • Maro

    We’ve made this a few times and loved it. I just made it with asparagus and kale (instead of broccoli), and a mix of cheeses i had leftover in my cheese drawer, and even that was delicious!

    This is a great recipe — versatile, simple, and always worth making.

  • Erica

    This has been my standby broccoli and cheddar soup for years. Love this!

  • I cannot say enough about how delicious this was. I made it last night, and served it to myself in a small bowl with the distinct purpose of being able to refill it with seconds (and then thirds) without feeling too guilty. I eventually had to put it away in the confines of my refrigerator, lest I eat the entire batch in one sitting. I followed the recipe exactly-but added a Tbsp of sherry with the broth, and 1/4 tsp of nutmeg with the vegetables. Because I have found that almost all cream soups taste slightly better with a hint of sherry, and well, nutmeg + cheese=bliss. Yum!

  • This is seriously so good. I make it exactly as your recipe advises. (Then again, I follow all your recipes to the letter.) It’s satisfying and delicious. Thank you!

  • Irma

    This is one of my favorite smitten kitchen recipes ever. I don’t change a thing. So delicious. I’m going to try making a double batch and freezing it.

  • Carey

    I made this exactly as in the recipe and I really liked it. Flavorful, not *too* creamy (post-holidays I made this to use up some broccoli but wasn’t looking for anything too heavy), and all around good. I ate this with some baked chicken thighs and it was delish. Going to freeze some as well.

  • Erin Allen

    WOW! I have been searching and trying for the best cream of broccoli/cheese broccoli soup and I should have known I would find it here. So broccoli yummy goodness and the cheese added a little extra! Thank you

  • Hilary

    Hello. I am curious if i could use frozen broccoli for this instead of fresh?

    1. deb


  • Raimonda

    I have tried it today for lunch.. it is just perfect- the taste, the smell, the consistency… super delicious!

  • Julie

    Magic. Husband says it’s the best soup ever. Perfect soup for tonight!! I made exactly as listed in the recipe.

  • I don’t have an immersion or upright blender. Will soup turn out ok without that step? I hope I hope!!

    1. deb

      Yes, just chunkier; you can get closer to the texture you want by chopping the broccoli smaller, if you’d prefer it that way in the final soup.

  • Angie Fostaty

    This is the best broccoli soup I’ve ever made (and I’ve made a lot!) The recipe is perfect as is and you were spot on about being cautious with the salt. A very comforting soup for our Covid-quarantine. Thank you!

  • Julie DeRuwe

    To give the soup a fresh green color, about 10 minutes before it’s done and before adding dairy, stir in 2 handfuls of fresh baby spinach leaves, then take an immersion blender to purée it. Then add dairy and cheese. I use 1/4 cup 40% cream. Plenty creamy.

  • Rita

    Have you made this in a Vitamix? Was it good?

  • Deirdre

    Thank you for this recipe. I made a double batch yesterday, and it’s spectacular.

  • We made this tonight and threw in half a pound bag of chopped kale that was going off. It was only at the end that we realized the half n half was fat free (can you imagine such a thing?) still delicious!

  • Alexis

    Quick question: I have a block of cheddar and really fine grater. The recipe says coarsely grated cheddar, so I was wondering if that would make a big textural difference or if the soup would break if I used the finely grated cheese?

    1. deb

      Not the texture; the texture will be fine. The issue is that a fine grater will have much less cheese per cup — if you’re using cup measurements instead of weights.

      1. Alexis

        Thank you for the response! I’ll make sure to go by weight rather than the cups measurement! I’m excited to make this tomorrow night!

  • Marina

    I’ve just cooked it – very tasty! Thank you for the recipe.

  • Molly

    I made this with Imagine Foods Vegetarian No-Chicken Broth. I also used a full 12 oz bag of Trader Joe’s organic broccoli florets. When chopped small, this 12 oz bag was just over 4 cups of broccoli, so it seems like the 1.25lb measurement in the recipe might be off. I did NOT add any salt because my broth was not low-sodium.

    1. Molly

      I made this again! This time I used homemade vegetable stock, which was lower in sodium (~1/2 tsp/4 cups). I added salt gradually and tasted after each 1/4 teaspoon, finishing the salting after cheese melted into the recipe. I thought I hit the mark at 1.25 tsp, but the soup tasted much saltier after it cooled down. For anyone new to the recipe or new to soups, I’d say don’t add more than 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of salt until you see how everything tastes after the soup cools.

  • LittleJazzy

    Halfway through making this I thought I may finally have hit a recipe from Deb that didn’t hit the mark. Seeing as I’ve been cooking from this site for over 13 years that’s still Pretty good going. But then it all came together and while creamy soups will never be my go to we thoroughly enjoyed this!

  • Abby

    This was seriously amazing. I cook off your blog all the time and everything is a winner but this might be my favorite ever. Wow.

    I used whole milk instead of half & half, added some parmesan cheese to the cheddar, used a shallot, and bullion cubes instead of stock because thats just the things I had. So. Good.

  • Virginia

    This is one of our all time favorites of yours that I’ve been making for several years now. I usually just used whatever veggie or chicken stock I had on hand until once I tried College Inn Garden Vegetable Broth. I have no idea what the exact flavor that it imparts is but somehow it makes the soup that much better / more rounded in flavor. So random but maybe worth a try just to see what you think about it.

    1. Stephanie

      Thanks for the tip, Virginia! I’ll remember that next time.

  • Ellen

    Wow! This was soooo good! I was afraid my picky boyfriend wouldn’t eat it because I used a stronger cheddar but we both devoured it. I actually used store bought cheap beef broth “powder” to make beef broth since that’s all I had on hand instead of chicken, and it was still very good. 🥰🥰🥰 I would recommend waiting until after you add the cheese to season the soup at the end! Oh my god so good I can’t even.

  • Kim

    I’ve made this several times, with milk in place of half-and-half, and it always turns out well. It has perfect consistency and flavor and just the right amount of cheese. Easy to make and reheats well.

  • Midmodtom

    I have broccoli in the fridge and didn’t want to roast it (again). 60 degrees in October feels a lot cooler than 60 degrees in March so I thought ‘soup’. Then I thought Smitten Kitchen. Thanks for the recipe! The only thing I’m likely to add is a pinch of cayenne.

  • Amber

    Awesome. You can also substitute puréed avocado for the dairy. It works really well with the broccoli flavor. Add a pinch of red pepper flakes for a kick.

  • Peg

    I was the chef at a tea room in the Historic areas a small town in Ohio. This was the house soup that I made daily! I’ll e it still…but I can no longer tolerate all the cream. Makes me so sad.!!!! It’s so delicious! And after 5-6 years there, I never grew tired of it!

    1. Peg

      I love it still.

      1. Laura

        Which historic town in Ohio?

  • Meagan

    Is it possible to sub the cream with coconut milk?

    1. deb


    2. Ashley

      Can confirm we sub full fat coconut milk for cream and it works great.

  • Nat

    This soup is very good. I am doing keto/low carb so I left out the flour and carrots. I used a sharp shredded cheddar and you can taste the depth in every bite. I’m going back to the farmers market tomorrow to buy more broccoli and make another batch to freeze.

    1. Robin

      Thank you for this comment! I am making it for someone who is keto and was hoping someone would mention not using the flour and/or carrots.

  • Lorielle

    I finally made this and it was sooooo delicious. It was delightful before even adding the cheese. My son, daughter, and son-in-law (all part of our pandemic pod) came over for dinner. My son made the bread, my daughter made a salad and my partner made a delicious pear and dark chocolate cake made with the leftover pear from making pear vodka. We shared a couple of bottles of Prosecco mixed with campari, and it was a lovely fall dinner. I’m going to make a couple of batches of the soup, divide it to smaller portions and freeze. I think I’ll add the half and half and cheese when reheating. I’m having thumb surgery in a couple of weeks, and this will be just the ticket when I’m recovering.

  • Nancy Pedersen

    OMG! This recipe has it ALL & then some!
    Had a bunch of broccoli, carrots & onions from my CSA & made it for a men’s work party cutting down a dead tree in daughter’s yard. Delicious, true flavors & happily slurped up on a chilly day in northern WI. Made more for myself & shared with son & his girlfriend (she hates veggies) & they begged for more.
    Easy, fool proof, healthy & guaranteed yumminess in your tummy. Thank you! My new soup in menu rotation!

  • Natasha

    This was delicious! The only issue was that I ended up with a gritty texture, and I suspect it had something to do with the dairy–maybe the cream broke or the cheese didn’t melt properly? What can I do differently next time?

  • Robin

    Thank you! This soup was just the comfort I needed on Election Night and the leftovers are just as comforting the day after.

  • This was probably the best broccoli cheddar soup I’ve ever had — a perfect balance of creamy cheesiness and the healthy taste of vegetables. Thank you! FYI, I didn’t have quite enough broccoli, so I subbed in some chopped spinach, and it tasted fantastic.

  • Jen H.

    Do you have any suggestions for how to make this gluten-free? I love this soup, but a family member may be celiac.

    1. Macy+Glynn

      Is it just the flour that has gluten? If so I would just put in some potatoes.

  • Emily

    I made this last night and it was great! I’ve legit been looking for a broccoli soup that doesn’t have massive amounts of cheese, dairy, etc and this was perfect. Just creaminess without upsetting my husbands belly. Great deep broccoli flavor and it makes a big pot. Thank you! I’ll be making this again.

  • Deborah

    This is the second time I made this since I absolutely love it. It’s very cold out, so this soup plus homemade biscuits for supper is perfect. No suggestions!

  • Jude

    This is now my teen granddaughters’ favorite soup. I used fresh picked broccoli and carrots from my garden (my four cups was only ten ounces and just the right amount) as well as whole milk and better than bouillon veggie concentrate. It’s really wonderful.


    Excellent recipe! If you get the chance, try using Cotswald cheddar. I had a bit of leftover that needed to be used. So good! I used frozen broccoli as well. I also tossed in a parmesan rind that I forgot to remove before using the immersion blender. Who knew it would blend up nicely and add some depth to the flavor. Hooray for happy mistakes!

  • Neven

    I made it and it was good! I didn’t have carrot so I put some celeriac instead, and it worked well.

  • Gen

    Hi Deb!

    I just made your broccoli cheddar soup for the second time. I made a few tweaks this time: used half broccoli and half cauliflower; added a small dash of nutmeg and maybe 2 teaspoons of dijon. It was amazing both times. The nutmeg and dijon added a small kick that I really enjoyed but this recipe is great as is. As are all your recipes – you never disappoint me!!

  • Liz

    Just made this and it was perfect for a late October rainy day! I let it cook wayyyy down soft, so it was a perfect meal for a tooth that desperately needs a root canal, haha! Thank you, Deb!

  • Deb Miller

    This may be the 5th or 6th time I’ve made this as I find the recipe very forgiving. I always use whole milk, today I used a dying leek instead of garlic and onion and skipped the carrot since I had none, and more broccoli as I had plenty. In spite of that it comes out delicious as it has every single time, no matter how I alter the recipe.

  • saralala

    I made this with whole milk instead of half and half. Still delicious, thick and creamy!

  • K

    I started out intending to make a baked potato bar for us, and that led me to this soup. While I cooked it, I hit upon baking three russets on the same sheet pan as the bacon. I removed the bacon when it finished and kept turning the potatoes in the fat. At last, I ladled the soup over half a potato and crisscrossed bacon on top. A stupendously satisfying cold weather meal, and a happy discovery about those bacony baked potatoes, too!

  • CandyG

    I made this and substituted collard greens for broccoli. It was AMAZING! Highly recommend.

  • Allie

    Love this classic soup. I didn’t have heavy cream or whole milk, so I used just 1% milk. it was still delicious!

  • Maeve

    If I were to freeze this, how long do you think it would keep before we needed to use it?

    1. deb

      I’d say a couple months if well-wrapped.

  • Darlene

    Yum! Adjusted a little bit taking into account some other recipe recommendations and trying to limit carbs. Omitted flour. Used 2 pounds broccoli, 2 carrots, 2 celery ribs, 2 cloves garlic, 1 onion, 2 strips bacon (that I fished out after adding stock) splash cream, 6oz shredded cheddar. Tasty, next time will make double batch and try to freeze half. Would be great back-up food!

  • EK

    Holy god this is INCREDIBLE. I am a lifelong broccoli hater and I could eat the whole pot. I did two cloves of garlic instead of one and added a teaspoon of red pepper flakes. I also pureed it completely smooth and the velvety texture is unreal. OMG It is amazing!

  • Susan Wilen

    Can you freeze the soup with the cheese mixed in or do you just add cheese when defrosted?

  • Tala Drzewiecki

    Hello! I’m cooking this recipe right now and was wondering if it separated when you froze it. I tried freezing a cream based chowder once and it separated.

  • Jen

    Broccoli (or cauliflower or romanesco) do wonderful things in soup when roasted first, too.

  • Cynthia

    A generous grating of nutmeg puts this over the top

  • Deb Miller

    I am making this for what must be the umpteenth time because my 9 year old grandson cried when he learned his 7 year old sister ate the last of it. On the 4th of July of all days. What’s a grandma to do?

  • Liz Stein

    Just in case anyone else, like me, is stuck with an enormous bag of pre-pandemic frozen vegetables that need to be used up fast because of unexpected defrosting (Costco’s Normandy Blend, broccoli, cauliflower and two kinds of carrots, 5.5 lbs), and needs to triple the recipe: it can be done!
    I almost tripled the other ingredients, using extra onion and garlic, since who knows how much flavor the frozen stuff would have, and used milk and Better than Bouillon broth. Simmered, puréed, and then added about a pound of cheddar plus 4oz of habanero cheddar for the kick, and some cream.
    I really think it’s about as good as fresh, and I didn’t waste the bag of vegetables.

  • Dusty

    I have frozen broccoli, how would I adjust the recipe for frozen instead of fresh brocc?

    1. deb

      It should work just fine here; just swap for weight.

  • Beckie Smock

    A M A Z I N G! This was so quick and easy and by far the best broccoli cheddar. Thank you and my teenager thanks you. This will be in the rotation a lot this fall/winter!

  • Milena

    My husband is on keto and he LOVES brocolli cheddar soup, but won’t eat it cause it’s not keto. Can I substitute a nut flour or something Keto friendly for the 1/4 cup of flour in this recipe?

  • Shelley

    I just made this and it’s okay but kind of bland. It’s definitely missing something. If I ever would make this again, I would add ‘Better Than Bouillon’ vegetable base, or even the chicken base and for sure some red pepper. A potato included with the veg would be nice too.

  • Alexis

    Adding this to my regular rotation for fall! Not complicated, came together pretty quickly. VERY creamy. Might reduce the cheese next time. All in all a simple way to get more veggies in a meal!

  • Barbara

    Delicious!! All your recipes are a hit, Deb!


  • Jaimie

    Delicious. The perfect amount of cheese. The only change I made was simmering the broccoli a little longer because I wanted to make sure there wasn’t any crispness.

  • Abby

    The. Perfect. Soup.

    One of my very favorite of your recipes! I’ve been making it for years- thank you for everything!

  • Emily B

    Just commenting on this now years later to say this is my go to broccoli cheddar soup recipe. I have fond memories of TGI Friday’s broccoli cheddar soup, which I would eat as kid in lieu of anything from the kid’s menu. I usually buy the bags of broccoli florets for ease (I know buying the crowns would probably be cheaper) and one 12 oz bag is usually just the right amount after my doggies get a couple pieces (yes they’re veggie loving critters) to make a half batch. This stuff is comfort in a bowl and I make it probably once a month.

  • Marie

    I’m here years later to say that in addition to being one of my favorite go-to soup recipes, I learned today that it was a big toddler hit! iykyk

  • Lisa

    I never, I mean NEVER, crave broccoli cheddar soup…so today when i suddenly was craving exactly that for-the -first-time-ever….I turned to SK for assistance…and so glad I did. This exceeded expectations! So satisfying, and not nearly as heavy (feeling…but i get that it’s still loaded with half n half and cheese) as i thought it would be. I used Kerrygold Dubliner cheese as that is what i had, maybe only about 2 cups, and I blended about half when veggies were tender and then added a heaping half cup of orzo 5 minutes before i added the cheese. YEEEEUUUUUUUM. Will make again.

  • MK

    Your recent Facebook/Threads posts inspired me to make this soup during the snow storm. So easy and so delicious! I honestly can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner, as I almost always have all the ingredients at hand AND I love all your broccoli recipes. I used 1/2 cup heavy cream + 1/2 cup additional broth in place of 1 cup half-and-half and I thought it tasted perfectly rich and creamy. I chopped the broccoli and the stems small enough so I didn’t even need a blender. Thank you for this great recipe! I will definitely make this again soon.

  • Kat Seelos

    This soup is beautiful. Thank you!

  • Kat Harbrecht

    I have made this sooo several times and it’s delicious and easy!! Love it ! Thank you!!

  • Kathy

    Absolutely delicious! Simple but perfect!

  • Ashley

    I also crave broccoli when pregnant, so this is in rotation with the broccoli slaw (to which I add bacon). Anyway, wanted to share that we make this with 1 cup of well-shaken full fat coconut milk (lactose sensitive) and add a tablespoon of dijon mustard to amp up the sharp cheese taste. We don’t notice any coconut flavor with all the other strong flavors in the soup (but maybe a coconut hater would). However we’ve made it, I consider this the perfect broccoli cheddar soup — so good.

  • broccoli cheddar soup (2024)


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